Thesis Studio Project; Winter 2011

Captains: Clint Langevin, Amy Norris; Advisors: Steven Fong, Carol Moukheiber, Marc Ryan

The former Tar Creek Lead and Zinc mine in and around the town of Picher, Oklahoma was our conceptual pilot project for the idea of Infrastructural Reclamation. More >>

Follow this link to watch a 1 minute video synopsis of the project.

from blimp photo by James S. and Susan W. Aber photo of a Tar Creek chat pile by Jason Stair modular structure structural kit of parts solar level plan solar panel density can be adapted to accomodate to activity below looking out over the solar (third) level public level plan perspective from the public (second) level plan zoom-in small piece of a time-lapse section from the centre of the structure towards the edge ground level plan perspective showing the rehabilitation of the ground level itineraries water flow diagram visitor centre/water treatment centre research centre for the Tar Creek Hub sectional model (1:150) sectional model (1:150) sectional model (1:150) site model (1:10000) site model (1:10000) at the structure's edge